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A suiting end to Claymore, Clare returning to Irene with Raki at her side. A part of me can’t believe it’s over with, that after all these years it’s finally done. I still feel like there is unfinished business, but the Last Scene has played and the curtain has drawn and there’s nothing I can do except stand and applaud.

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doctor-rukia requested: "I'd love to see some ichiruki swapped cliches like Rukia is the knight and Ichigo is the princess"

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"He wears the labels of "pariah" and "outcast" proudly, knowing that views of the Imperium are unlikely to change until and unless someone of his ability stands up to make a difference."

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Art by: Mel

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this is clearly my crowning achievement in 3DS Max [x]

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The Seeker
vivienne // sera
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vivienne!! wasn’t sure which to go with so theres both

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